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Other Testing Services

Performance Testing

  • Prensent has experienced team in Load & Performance testing well versed with Performance/Load Test Planning, Execution and Analysis
  • Our team provides stakeholders with information about their application regarding speed, stability and scalability.
  • Our team identifies & helps to uncovers factors that needs to be improved before the product goes to market
  • Team is well versed with JMeter, Loadrunner, Badboy and other industry standard performance testing tools.

Database Testing

  • Testing team at Prensent makes sure that the data which is saved from the application’s user interface is stored in database correctly.
  • We also validate the schema implemented in the database matches with the customer defined standards.
  • Prensent team is proficient in using Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL and other popular database platforms.

Security Testing

  • Security Testing at Prensent is conducted to determine if an information system protects data and maintains functionality as intended.
  • Prensent can identify the threats in your system by Source Code Analysis & Application URL analysis, and help developers in fixing these issues through coding.
  • SQL Injections, Broken Authentication, XSS – Cross Site Scripting, Security Misconfiguration, Cross Site Forgery Requests, Un-validated redirects and forwards & Sensitive Data Exposure are some of the security aspects which are taken care by us.

Cross-Browser Testing

  • Cross-Browser testing is conducted to ensure compatibility of website and applications across different browsers.
  • Prensent covers most popular, stable and latest browsers across different platforms to ensure maximum user reach.
  • Following combinations of Platform, Operating System & Browsers are included in validation for such testing:
    • PC – Microsoft Windows 7, 8 & 10 – IE10, IE11, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera & Safari
    • PC – Linux/Ubuntu – Chrome & Firefox
    • Mac – OS X 10.11 – Chrome, Safari & Firefox
    • Android 5 onwards – Chrome & Firefox
    • Apple iOS 9 onwards – Safari

Additionally licensed applications like Browser Stack is utilized to ensure compatibility with different platform compatibility.

Unit & API Testing

  • Unit testing of an application is conducted during the development phase of an application. JUnit, NUnit are some of the tools which are utilized by Prensent for conducted Unit Testing.
  • API (Application Programming Interface) Testing concentrates on the business logic layer of the software architecture. Instead of using standard input and output, we use tools to make calls to API, receive their responses and validate them against the expected outcome. Postman, Eclipse & SOAPUI are some of the tools with which prensent conducts API testing.
  • Both Unit Testing & API Testing are conducted on special business needs when the front end user interface is not ready. Special skills are required to conduct both these types of testing and if executed correctly, they prevent the encounter with business logic defects at later stages of software development life cycle.

SOA & WebServiceTesting

  • SOA Testing is conducted at Service Oriented Architecture in which the application components are designed to communicate via communication protocols typically over a network.
  • Webservice testing is conducted to validate various Webservice implementation approaches like SOAP, REST, WSDL etc.
  • Team Prensent has necessary skills and experience to conduct both these types of testing and authenticate the proper functioning of web services even before they are actually implemented in the application.

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We at Prensent are specialized in serving the most challenging software development & testing needs across various domains. Our expert team works cohesively on each project meeting quality standards as well as fulfilling the client expectations.

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